Give a Gift of Scratch-Made Love

Food Gifting is a powerful way to meet a need and express your love! We have two different ways you can do that—Curated Meal Packages and Design-Your-Own-Gift Packages that can be delivered by you, or by one of our team members. Simply call us, by 3pm for next-day service, or order below.

Buy Heartwarming Meals for Your Loved Ones

Order Online

It’s as easy as the click of a button to gift someone a meal through our online and mobile ordering. Support those around you with scratch-made meals.


Gift Cards: For the Picky Eater

Give a gift card to someone who may want to curate their own gift, or may need meals at a different point in time! Gift cards can be given digitally, or physical cards can be purchased at any of our locations! These make meal purchasing convenient for the one you love.